About Us

Polymeran Group, with the motto "Smart Choice, Creative Business", was founded in 2004. With the help of its expertise, it could enter into export/import and distribution business and could find its correct position within the local and international market players in petrochemical raw material Industry.
Thirteen years of success for this company is believed to be caused by the concerns of the founder and the manager in elements such as: timely presence in the local and international market, perfect grasp of rules and regulations, feeling responsible for commitments, adopting the necessary mechanisms, full compliance with laws and regulations, emphasis on the principles of customer satisfaction.
During its existence, this company has acquired lots of expertise and experience facing many difficulties, therefore, it is today one of the experienced companies in the industry, and it is ready to provide various trading services.

The main objectives of the company are as follows:

  • customer awareness of political and economic issues
  • market transparency on transaction prices of petrochemical products
  • consultancy to companies interested in exporting
  • introducing Iranian products to the global market

Polymeran Group Scope:


Polymeran Group, in line with the development of Iran's export in petrochemical products, with the help of variety, quality, and high production capacity of domestic petrochemical products, has been able to export these products to Turkey, China, India, UAE United Arabic, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Pakistan that displays capabilities of the company while competing with foreign powerful rivals.
The main export items are as follows: low density polyethylene LDPE, high density polyethylene HDPE, linear low density polyethylene LLDPE, PVC, PET, PP, ABS.

Domestic Market

The company's domestic sales division has the responsibility of supply and distribution of imported and domestic petrochemical products to customers across the country.

The experience staff of this section tries to satisfy the customers' needs for price and quantity of available products by only one call.
This division the company has always tried to establish a strong relationship with its customers. We believe that integrity is the foundation of any mutually-beneficial relationship. With strong relationships with a broad range of merchants and manufacturers, Polymeran Group has obtained a significant domestic market share during these years.
Polymeran Group Website: www.polymeran.com
Transparent petrochemical products prices, offering spot prices through Contact, SMS and website are among major activities that the company has followed in the domestic market in recent years.

By launching the company's website, Polymeran Group pursued a broad spectrum of objectives most important of which are as follows:

  • Transparency of prices and providing accurate and updated prices of petrochemical products.
  • Awareness of users and customers of the world's political and economic issues that are associated with this field.
  • Analysis and training in the field of petrochemicals

Useful and comprehensive information in this website is the reason to distinguish it from other similar examples, which are really rare. This website includes all prices on petrochemical products (domestic and international markets and Iran Mercantile Exchange), prices on gold and currencies, prices on necessary goods, and etc, with monthly and annual charts and graphs which provides the possibility for users to closely follow the trends in prices.