• PEEK (Polyarylethe-retherketone)

    The Polyaryletheretherketone (PEEK™) materials are semi-crystalline, high purity polymers comprising of repeating monomers of two ether groups and a keytone group.
    PEEK™ is characterised by excellent mechanical properties maintained to high temperatures.

    Rigid opaque (grey) material with a unique combination of properties, which include exceptional chemical, wear, electrical and temperature resistance, as well as dimensional stability and numerous processing capabilities.



    PEEK is available in a number of different grades and format dependant on the application and chosen processing method.


    Powder .... for Extrusion Moulding
    Fine Powder .... for Powder Coating & Compression Moulding

    Depth Filtered Pellets .... for Injection Moulding, Film production, Monofilament, Wire Coating and Extruding
    Glass Fibre Reinforced Pellets .... for Injection Moulding
    Carbon Fibre Reinforced Pellets .... for Injection Moulding & Extrusion
    Tribological Compound Pellets .... for Injection Moulding & Extrusion (filled with Carbon fibre, PTFE & Graphite filled with carbon black)
    Coloured Pellets .... for Extrusion & Injection Moulding


    Tensile Strength 97-100 N/mm²
    Notched Impact Strength 6.1 - 7.5 Kj/m²
    Thermal Coefficient of expansion 47 x 10-6
    Max Cont Use Temp 250 oC
    Density 1.28 - 1.32 g/cm3

    Dilute Acid ****
    Dilute Alkalis ****
    Oils and Greases ****
    Aliphatic Hydrocarbons ****
    Aromatic Hydrocarbons ****
    Halogenated Hydrocarbons ****
    Alcohols ****

    KEY * poor ** moderate *** good **** very good

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    PEEK™ polymer is used typically as a replacement for machined metals in a wide variety of high performance end-use applications. These range in diversity from components for cars, aircraft, industrial pumps, valves and seals, to silicon wafer carriers, connectors and sterilisable surgical instruments and in the medical implants market.



    STE, Germany has developed a new cylinder head gasket based on a powder coating process that combines the high performance properties of VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer with PTFE.


    PEEK™ polymer monofilaments for protective braiding have specifically been developed to protect the electrical and hydraulic cables used in aerospace and associated.


    PEEK™ polymer is the material of choice for a switching jack in a coaxial connector used in mobile telephones


    Greene Tweed a world leader in high technology sealing innovation has developed a labyrinth seal made with a carbon fibre reinforced PEEK™ polymer composite.


    Eclipse Dental Manufacturing has successfully replaced aluminium with PEEK™ polymer for the finger and thumb grips on a self aspirating dental cartridge syringe.

    Victrex is the sole commercial manufacturer and supplier of aromatic polyketone thermoplastics that are sold under the brand name VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer. Annual capacity currently stands at 2,300 tonnes per annum, with a further increase of 500 tonnes on target for October 2003.

    Formerly part of ICI, Victrex was bought by management in 1993, thereby establishing a new, independent company. Victrex plc was successfully floated on the UK stock exchange in December 1995 and today the company is recognised as an innovative, world-class high performance materials group.

    From its sales, technical and production headquarters in Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire, Victrex plc exports over 95% of PEEK™ polymer around the world to compounders, injection moulders, OEMs and end-users. In recognition of its outstanding achievement in international trade, Victrex plc has won the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2002. This is the company's third Queen's Award, the first being in 1987 and the second in 1997.