• Polyacetals POM


    Creep resistance, strength, stiffness, hardness, dimensional stability, toughness, fatigue resistance, solvent and fuel resistance, abrasion resistance, low wear and low friction.


    Gears, bearings, conveyors, window guides, speaker grilles, ski-bindings, zippers, lighters, aerosol valves, medical devices, snap-fits, fasteners, furniture components.

    Physical Properties and characteristics

    • Unreinforced grades offer excceptionally high mechanical strength and rigidity
    • High resistance to repeated impacts
    • Toughness at low temprature (down to -40 Degrees Centigrade)
    • Outstanding long-term fatigue endurance
    • Excellent resistance to moisture, gasoline, solvents and many other chemicals of neutral pH
    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • Natural lubricity
    • Wide useful temperature range (in air -50 to +90 degree centigrade with intermittent use up to 160 degree centigrade)
    • Good electrical insulation characteristics
    car seat mechanics
    plastic canister


    Wide range of grades available to meet demanding applications:

    • Unreinforced
    • Toughened and super tough
    • UV-stabilised
    • Low fristion and low wear grades available
    • Glass-filled and glass reinforced grades
    • Low emission grades
    • Extrusion grades

    • Injection moulding
    • Extrusion

    Extruded rods, slabs, sheeting and small diameter tubinh available as stock shapes. Stock shapes can be machined or stamped.

    History of polycetal

    DuPont Delrin® acetal resin, the world's first acetal polymer is a highly versatile engineering polymer. Since its introduction in 1960, it has been widely used around the world in many applications such as the automotive, industial, electronic and consumer goods industries.
    Delrin® is the DuPont registered trademark for its brand of acetal homopolymer resin also commonly referred to as polyoxymethylene (POM).

    Polycetal copolymer was invented by Celanese around two years later in 1962.

    Application Profiles
    Strong and flexible arresters made of DuPont Delrin® secures medical trays
    The performance of DuPont Delrin® acetal resin in terms of its strength, flexibility and fatigue resistance is critical to the reliable operation of tray arresters fitted in Medstor medical cabinets.

    Slide element made of DuPont Delrin® enables optimal side support in car sports seats
    Active backrest wifth adjustment from L&P Automotive Europe ensure optimal side support when taking the fastest corners. A principle component of the adjustment mechanism is a T-shapred slide element made of DuPont Delrin® 100KM acetal resin. It withstands high bending forces and enables smooth adjustment of the angle between backrest and its sides.

    'Green' water softener made almost entirely of stron and rigid DuPont Delrin®
    The excellent mechanical properties of Delrin® coupled with its aesthetical benefits of surface finish and colourability made it the ideal material for this water management device. The resulting device wrighs less than anything comparable without sacrificing efficiency or durability.

    Low-friction conveyor chains smooth product handling
    Delrin® 500P compounded with a silicone oil concentrate from DuPont, meets the requirements of low friction, wear resistance, high strength, fatigue endurance, dimensional stability and consistent moudling productivity.
    plastic mold

    Five parts of DuPont Delrin® in bone-cement mixer
    The combination of characteristics of unreinforced Delrin® acetal that made this design possible include blend toughness and stiffness, high tensile strength, dimensional stability and a low-fristion surface.

    Nordica ski boots have closure systems houdes in Delrin® ST and T
    Delrin® Super Tough acetal resin was selected for the housing because the material can be ultrasonically wielded in common with the rest of the closure system, its very low friction coefficient, its outstanding mechanical resistance and dimensional stability. Delrin® also displays excellent low temprature resistance to -20 degree centigrade which means that the closure system will perform well even in very cold conditions.

    Gears in DuPont Delrin®
    Delrin® acetal resins have been used in gears for more than 40 ears in hundreds of diverse products including windshield wipers,  window lifts, speedometers, rotary pumps, appliances, power tools, clocks and office automation equipment.