• Impact Testing - Drop Tower

    A drop tower can be used to measure energy absorbed of a sample or to apply a set amount of damage to a specimen at impact velocities from 1 – 24m/s.

    A test system consists of:

    • A falling mass guided by columns
    • A load sensor (tup) with an insert shaped for the application
    • A test fixture to hold the specimens
    • A ‘flag’ to measure velocity and trigger data collection
    • Data Acquisition System (DAS)  with over 50,000 points at acquisition rates in the region of 2MHz
    • Control and data analysis software package to:
      • To collect data for the DAS
      • Input test parameters for a test method
      • Machine Control
      • Perform calculations
      • Analyse Data

    Optional items include:

    • An environmental chamber
    • Anti rebound device used to catch the mass after a rebound
    • Automation system to test batches of samples

    CEAST 9350, 1800J and 24m/s Drop Tower

    Instron - CEAST 9350, 1800J and 24m/s Drop Tower

    Types of Test

    Typical Applications

    • Impact Testing of PVC Vinyl Materials
    • Crack Resistance of Automobile Bumpers
    • Personal Protective Equipment Testing
    • Eyewear Products and Impact Performance
    • Impact Resistance of Thermoplastic Pipes and Fittings
    • Impact Testing of Plastic Storage Containers
    • Tear and Puncture Resistance of Plastic Films
    • Impact Resistance of Milk Bags

    Life-cycle stage

    • Raw Materials
    • Semi-finished and finished product
    • Component Testing

    End User Type

    • Product Developer
    • Quality Control
    • Testing Services
    • Research
    • Education

    Applicable Standards