• Impact Testing - Pendulum

    A pendulum tester measures the impact resistance of samples in various standard test configurations.

    A test system consists of:
    • A swinging hammer (pendulum)
    • A rigid frame to support the hammer
    • An angular measurement system to measure absorbed energy
    • A test fixture to hold the specimen

    Optional Items include:
    • An integrated or external environmental chamber
    • Instrumented hammer
    • Data Acquisition System (DAS)
    • Optional Control and data analysis software package to:
      • To collect data for the DAS
      • Input test parameters for a test method
      • Perform calculations
      • Analyse Data


    Instron – CEAST 9050, Motorized Pendulum  Impact Tester

    Types of Test

    Typical Applications

    • Quality Control
    • Material Qualification
    • Transition Temperature analysis
    • Impact resistance of razor blades

    Life-cycle stage

    • Primary industries
    • Raw Materials
    • Component Testing

    End User Type

    • Product Developer
    • Quality Control
    • Testing Services
    • Research
    • Education

    Applicable Standards