• Melt Flow Testing

    A melt flow test measures the melt flow rate (MFR) and melt volume rate (MVR) of a molten polymer. Values are taken at a certain temperature and with a certain mass applied, dependant on material.

    The test system consists of:

    • A heated barrel with a removable die at one end
    • Temperature control of the barrel
    • A piston to fit in the barrel

    Optional items include:
    • Masses to apply various weights
    • An encoder to measure the deflection of the piston (required for melt volume rate measurement)
    • A die plug to keep thinner materials in the barrel until test start
    • A weight Lifter to apply weight sets automatically at test start
    • Hastelloy (non corrosive) barrel for chemically aggressive materials

    Instron - CEAST Modular Melt Flow Tester

    Instron - CEAST Modular Melt Flow Tester

    Control and data analysis software package to:
    • Input test parameters for a test method
    • Control the machine
    • Calculate MFR and MVR values
    • Analyse Data

    Types of Test
    • MFR (g/10min) – Melt Flow Rate
    • MVR – Melt Volume Rate
    • Multi weight tests – 2-5 masses are applied at stages during one test.

    Typical Applications
    • Raw Material Suppliers
      • QC testing of produced batches
      • R and D and new materials
    • Polymer Moulders
      • Checking batches when they are delivered

    Instron - CEAST Multi Weight Melt Flow Tester

    Instron - CEAST Multi Weight Melt Flow Tester

    Life-cycle stage

    • Raw Material
    • Plastic Pellets

    End User Type

    • Product Developer
    • Quality Control
    • Testing Services
    • Research
    • Education

    Applicable Standards