• Rheology

    A Rheometer is used to measure the rheological properties of molten polymers when varying shear rates and temperatures. A wide number of accessories are used to determine other characteristics of the polymer.

    The test system consists of:
    • A heated oven with pressure transducers and either 1 or 2 barrels
    • Interchangeable capillary dies for varying test types
    • A rigid test frame with motor driven crosshead
    • Control and data analysis software package to:
      • Input test parameters for a test method
      • Control the machine
      • Perform calculations
      • Analyse Data

    Optional Items include:
    • Laser detectors for die swell measurement
    • Motor and pulleys for measuring the melt strength

    Instron – CEAST SR50, Capillary Rheometer, 50kN

    Types of Test

    • Rheological property measurement
    • PVT – Pressure, Volume and Temperature properties
    • Thermal Conductivity
    • Die Swell
    • Melt strength and material drawing capability

    Typical Applications

    • Flow Properties of Recycled Materials
    • Evaluation of Thermal Degradation During Processing
    • Data for Accurate Simulation of Injection Moulding
    • Engineering Multiple-Layer Films for Optimal Performance

    Life-cycle stage

    • Plastic Pellets
    • Raw Material
    • Process Optimization

    End User Type

    • Product Developer
    • Quality Control
    • Testing Services
    • Research
    • Education

    Applicable Standards