• Sample Preparation

    Sample Preparation Equipment is used to prepare samples to specific shapes before a mechanical test is performed


    CEAST Hollow Die Punch, Pneumatic Punch

    Instron – CEAST Hollow Die Punch, Pneumatic Punch

    CEAST Automatic Notchvis, Notching Machine

    Instron – CEAST Automatic Notchvis, Notching Machine

    Hollow Die Punching Machines

    • Either manual or pneumatically operated punches are used to cut shapes from sheets of material. Dies are interchangeable and can cut square/rectangular, round and also dog bone type specimens

    Notching Machines

    • Notching machines are used for either Charpy/IZOD and tensile impact specimens. There are manual, motorized or fully automatic versions available.

    Milling Machines

    • Automated milling machines can be used to cut specimens from plates or pipes. They are controlled via a PC for repeatable and fast specimen cutting.