• Thermal Testing

    Thermal testing consists of either measuring the HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) or VICAT softening point. The HDT test is a 3 point bend set up and the VICAT test is a spike. The test measures the temperature at which the sample either deflects (HDT) or penetrates (VICAT) a certain distance.


    CEAST HV6, Oil bath HDT/Vicat Tester

    Instron – CEAST HV6, Oil bath HDT/Vicat Tester


    Instron – CEAST HV500, Aloxide Powder HDT/Vicat Tester

    The Test System Consists of:

    • A bath containing the heating medium. This can be either silicone oil or an Aloxide powder
    • Test stations configured to HDT or VICAT tests
    • LVDT to measure deflection of the test stations
    • Optional Control and data analysis software package to:
      • Input test parameters for a test method
      • Perform calculations
      • Analyse Data

    Types of Test


    Typical Applications

    • Replacing Metal Alloys with Plastics
    • Effect of Fibre Reinforcement on Thermo-Mechanical Properties

    Life-cycle stage

    • Raw Material

    End User Type

    • Product Developer
    • Quality Control
    • Testing Services
    • Research
    • Education

    Applicable Standards