• SMC / DMC Moulding

    How The Materials Are Made DMC & BMC
    Manufactures of DMC/BMC compounds is a batch process. The ingredients, chopped glass fibres, resin, mineral fillers, catalysts and a mould release DMC Conduit Box agent are loaded into a special mixer. Output from the mixer is in a flock form which is subsequently extruded in a rope type extrusion.

    Manufacture of SMC is a continuous in-line process. The material is sheathed both top and bottom with a plastic film. A Paste is prepared comprising resin, styrene, heat activating catalysts, inert fillers, release agents and thickeners. The paste is spread uniformly onto an SMC Junction Box the bottom film. Chopped glass fibres are randomly deposited onto the paste. The top film is introduced and the sandwich is rolled into a pre-determined thickness. The sheet is allowed to mature for 48 hours.